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Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church
2379 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8V 1B7
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Pastor Christian Ceconi, August 2013- Cell: (416) 567-2487  
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A bilingual Christian congregation (German and English) in the west end of Toronto.
Eine zweisprachige Evangelische Gemeinde (Deutsch und Englisch) im Westen Torontos.

Church Choir
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 Last updated:  February 09, 2014


Congregational Choir singing three songs Oct 23rd Joint Service

Congregational Choir singing on Oct 23, 2011 Joint Service for Thanksgiving

Congregational Chor practices are usually on Tuesday evenings 6:00 - 7:30 PM

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.......come into his presence with singing." 

Our choir certainly tries to do just that, even if we are sometimes more noisy than melodious. But we are sure that our Lord appreciates our efforts. We keep to a regular rehearsal schedule to practice for the larger church celebrations: Advent, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Day of Remembering the Dead, etc.. and for other church happenings, e.g. a funeral service, anniversaries, when we sing as called. Our membership used to average 19 persons. We extend a warm, ongoing invitation to anyone that likes to sing, to come and join us. Our choir performs a ministry: to beautify the church service and to offer up our voices to "sing praises to the Lord."

Congregational choir practice Richard heinzle conducting small choir 2001 ChoirMember-theMiddleYears 
2003 Kirchenchor 2003 Adventsfeier Familenchor
    2004 Adventsfeier Familienchor
undated Kirchenchor undated Kirchenchor Redeemer Otto Zirke, Pastor Otto Winter

Church Choir, Pentecost, May 15, 2005
Choir Director Mona Frantzke, with Pastor Stefan Wolf

  Kirchener-early years 
Choir Director Otto Zirke, Pastor Otto Winter
at Redeemer Lutheran Church



Current Choir Director Linda Marcinkas, Feb 2012-- PIANO ACCOMPIANIST: Linda Marcinkas, Sep 2010--

Former Choir Directors

Richard Heinzle, Jan - Dec 2011, Mona Frantzke (nee Kakoschke) was Choir Director for 23 years, 1983- 2006, Susan Skinner (nee Weigelin), was conducting from ? to  1983 before she married Paul Skinner  and moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Birgit Finnigan (nee Weigelin), was conducting from ?to 1980? before she married Jim Finnigan and moved to Timmins, Ontario, Previous conductors: Georg Wienecke. Otto Zirke, Ernst Wilhelm Wienecke

Join us! We need new choir members!

POSITIONS OPEN: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass -- no others need apply.
PHYSICAL QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to carry light musical notes part way across the church. Must have sufficient vision to see director twenty feet away.
EXPERIENCE: No application accepted from persons who have not sung, hummed or whistled in the tub or shower.
WAGES: Satisfaction and joy in God's service.
FRINGE BENEFITS: Social Security -- we promise you the security of social fellowship with other members of the choir.
HOURS: Sunday mornings with occasional opportunities for overtime (at above mentioned wages).
VACATION: Missed rehearsals and church services are primarily a matter of conscience and ability to return the glares and pointed remarks of the director and other choir members.
RETIREMENT: No particular age, but it is generally determined by prayer, printed notes getting too small, notes too high, church too hot (or cold), or organist unable to play the notes you sing.
REHEARSALS: Once a week except in the summer
APPLY: By attending next rehearsal.


No matter what your age, you may discover the process of finding your voice to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.
What can you expect to accomplish? Over time you should notice the following developments in your voice: expanded range (more notes), improved quality (better sounding notes), increased strength (louder notes) and greater vocal security (more of the right notes where when you want them). People who sing regularly tend to breathe well, have good posture and resonant speaking voices that stay youthful longer than average. Singers who perform choir ministry to beautify the church service develop poise and confidence. The greatest reward of this art however, is the pure joy that one experiences when the body, mind and spirit work in harmony to create that most unique and expressive of all instruments -- the singing voice! So offer up your voice to "sing praises to the Lord"!


Martin Luther Church is a member congregation of the Toronto Conference of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the DELKINA (Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische Konferenz in NordAmerika / German Evangelical Lutheran Conference in North America), and the EKD (Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland / Protestant Church of Germany).
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